A Designer by choice

Areen never restricted her expression of art to certain media platforms. That’s why it was no surprise when she decided to create a designer label to tailor wearable art forms. at Think Smart Hub, Dubai, UAE, she launched an exclusive Abaya label called ‘By Areen’. 

Her newest Abaya collection depicts luxury and superior craftsmanship inspired by traditional Islamic art and embroidery. It promises statement-making looks along with comfort, fashion, and tradition. This collection of high-end abayas is sewn intricately on delicate fabrics and the aesthetic detailing takes the traditional abaya to new levels of fashion indulgence. Her Abayas are now known for their sophisticated detailing on high-quality fabrics. It’s a celebration of luxury with delicate handmade silkscreen printing, gold thread weaving, premium velvet, and various other fabrics sourced from different parts of the world. The beauty of it all is that it’s all love labor for handmade and not a single thread is artificial or machine touched. She keeps her commitment intact with absolutely no usage of readymade prints; right from the embroidery, and tailoring to design nuances; the collection is visibly glamorous to reflect Areen’s design sophistication.

Speaking of her collection, Areen says; “I’ve always been a designer at heart ever since my childhood. Colors, design, and art all around intrigued me and sparked my passion for Islamic art. By designing abayas for contemporary women, I want to put the spotlight on the true beauty and essence of this silhouette. I want the world to recognize abayas as a splendid depiction of our religion, culture, and spirituality.”