Areen, A portrait of an artist on an untrodden path

Based in Dubai, Areen Hassan is a renowned artist best known for her innovative streak in unravelling and printing fabrics to create art on assorted drapes. Her philosophy of ‘Islamic Garden’ is the most revered and reflects in almost every work of art. Having made it her signature feature, she replicates her pattern across all her creations including wearable drapes and different mediums of conceptual art.

She graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design with a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design & Art and was always inclined towards art in a sublime form. Her roots reflected in her design projects which helped her fellow students associate with her thoughts of bringing their culture to the international limelight. She received immense support and applauses for being unconventional even in college. Through her art, she always tried to make a relevant statement as a Palestinian citizen who cares about different cultures and wants to establish friendly ties of love and friendship across the region and beyond.

As an artist, Areen has had the opportunity to showcase her artworks on various international platforms and exhibitions like ‘Textile Month’ in NY, USA 2018, ‘Talente Exhibition’ in Munich, Germany 2019, ‘Borders Exhibition’ at The Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland 2019, and at ‘the Justus Brinckmann Exhibition ‘held in MKG Museum, Hamburg, Germany 2019, ‘Sikka Platform’ in Dubai, UAE 2022; to name a few. Apart from these, she has also held solo exhibitions like ‘By Areen Exhibition’ at the Art Centre in Manama, Bahrain 2021, and ‘The Mother thread by Areen’ at Dubai Design District and has also launched a luxe abaya collection called By Areen Artwear Collection. Because of her multifaceted talent in art, she has become the youngest artist to feature in an exclusive documentary shot by Khawla Art & Culture; that’s dedicated to promoting culture and tradition through the lens of various art forms. 

She has interned with several international textile studios like Mirjam Rouden Ltd in London and Zisser Textile Design in Stockholm, Sweden. She has always narrated compelling storylines through her works of art to beautifully communicate the ethos behind her culture and traditions. It is no small feat that Areen today is a renowned name in the world of contemporary art with a strong foundation that splendidly depicts religion, culture, and spirituality.