Art is where Areen’s heart is 

As an artist, Areen has always thought of herself being a world citizen and realized her dreams through a vision that allowed her to become the spotlight at international museums. Despite hailing from a controversial Palestinian background, she chose peace over turmoil and was determined to show the world, the heritage value of her nationality. 

Her artistic vision has always been unique as she created masterpieces with techniques and mediums that were previously unexperimented. Her work uses various methods to create silkscreen and digital patterns, using aesthetic, harmonious, and abstract shapes influenced by the Islamic cultures, both historical, and contemporary cultures. With her abstract work that expresses culture and religion as an inspiration for modern lifestyles, she aims to generate dialogue and a sense of real involvement with the audience. She uses her creativity, imagination, compassion, and curiosity to create narratives with intense value.

Areen says, “As a designer/artist, my work engages with Islamic art as a living form of art that endlessly sculpts daily life. I aim to go beyond the visual perception of Islamic art to investigate an embodied participatory language through which I represent it. My work blurs the boundaries between humans and objects in a totality that brings forth the vibrancy and harmony of Islamic art. The meeting of materials, colors, shapes, orientation and patterns in composition enables the viewer to observe the work as an embodied universe of symbolic meaning, often showing concern with the path we take through life. Drawing on embroidery as a tradition from the Levant region, I constantly attempt to modernize and enhance the 

methods by playing with technologies and multimedia to experiment with the idea of transparency and reversing the function of a material.”

Her ‘Unravelling’ technique of fabrics to create mesmerizing art forms is a unique concept that has never been experimented with. Making it her signature impression across art forms, she is now known worldwide for her first of its kind prodigy in art techniques.