Art that appealed to world audiences

Areen’s artworks have been showcased in several prestigious international exhibitions such as the ‘International Talente Exhibition’ in Munich, Germany 2019, the International Exhibition of Textiles at the Central Textile Museum in Lodz, Poland 2019, and Textile month in New York, USA, 2018 in addition to the MKG Museum in Hamburg for which she won the award for Best Artist. She was also honored with a special grant to present other Islamic artworks from her elite collection curated across diverse media.

Featuring in exhibitions that attracted global media attention etched an everlasting impression on Areen’s profile as a contemporary artist. The Talking Textile in New York explores how modern-day textile creativity is vibrant and wild. This trend magazine is filled with remarkable developments in textiles, art, clothes, and interiors, from artisans and artists to mills, manufacturers, designers, and innovators as well as talented graduates from the world over. 

At the ‘Borders Exhibition held at The Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland’ from October 2019 – March 2020; she was selected to feature her artwork amongst distinguished artists hailing from various origins and promoting a varied medium of art forms. The opportunity was unique because the exhibition showed ‘borders’ as a forum for artists who show the transformation of the medium and an opportunity to discuss the position of textile art vis a vis the art of the day.

At the ‘Talente Exhibition’ held in Munich, Germany in March 2019; Areen was selected to showcase two of her designer creatives in rugs and dresses. The ‘Talente’ Exhibition: International Competition for Young Makers is a forum for young, innovative artists who are pursuing careers in a design or technical profession. Their quest for unusual solutions and experiments with materials while mastering traditional artisanal techniques is what allows them the opportunity to be on this esteemed platform. 

The ‘Justus Brinckmann Exhibition’ held at the MKG Museum in Hamburg, Germany was special for Areen in more ways than one because she was also honored with the ‘Justus Brinckmann Award 2019’. Her artwork that was featured at the exhibition was purchased by the Islamic Department of the Museum to be displayed for posterity making it a part of valued culture and heritage.

Recently at the Sikka Platform 2022 that was held in Dubai in March, Areen was invited by the Tashkeel Studio to feature her artworks at this elite venue that’s often flocked by dignitaries and art enthusiasts for an enriching experience in various art forms.  She’ll be visiting Lebanon in October 2022 to participate in the Elkhat Festival at St. Nicolas Gemmayzeh Stairs in Beirut. It is an exclusive event curated by Khawla Art and Culture, which aims to revive and harness the long-lost art of Arabic Calligraphy to motivate the community of artists and art lovers who have an artistic taste for it. 

Apart from these sophisticated platforms, Areen has also held her solo exhibitions. Her first was titled ‘By Areen عرين بيد ‘ where she was invited by H.E Sheikha May Bint Mohammad Al-Khalifa, the president of Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities to feature her artworks at the Art Centre in Manama, Bahrain. “By Areen” exhibition showcases an array of designs from conceptual dresses to conceptual rugs as well as wearable art pieces and her overall process.  H.E Shikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa attended the opening ceremony, in the presence of His Excellency, the Palestinian Ambassador to Bahrain, Taha Abdulqader.

Her ‘Mother Thread by Areen’ was selected and invited by Khawla Art and Culture to feature her artworks at the Dubai Design District in March 2022. The mother thread exhibition depicts the idea of the amalgamation of the motherland, the mother tongue, and the mother culture, all through Areen’s thread. At the exhibition, Areen took her audience through a fascinating journey of her motherland where each piece is abuzz with stories, emotions, and colors of a particularly her culture.