Artwear By Areen

Areen unveils ‘BY AREEN COLLECTION’, newest Abaya collection depicting luxury and superior craftsmanship inspired by traditional Islamic art and embroidery.

Glam up in Areen’s latest luxe Abaya collection that promises statement-making looks along with comfort, fashion, and tradition. An exclusive collection of high-end abayas sewn intricately on delicate fabrics and aesthetic detailing take the traditional abaya to new levels of fashion indulgence. Designed by Areen, the collection is available at her design studio based in Tashkeel studio, Dubai. Known for her sophisticated detailing on high-quality fabrics, Areen’s newest collection celebrates luxury with delicate handmade silk-screen printing, gold thread weaving, luxurious velvet, and various other fabrics sourced from different parts of the world.

Areen’s craftsmanship is synonymous with handmade detailing and has kept her commitment going with absolutely no usage of readymade prints and machines. Right from the embroidery, tailoring to design nuances; the collection is visibly glamorous to reflect Areen’s design sophistication.

The brand’s philosophy revolves around combining modern boldness with the elegance of traditional fashion that’s inspired by ancient Islamic arts. The collection represents newness whilst maintaining the simple and classic character that every woman desires.
The collection is an eclectic mix of embellishments and lavish embroideries. The colour palette has charming hues in two-tone and dreamy single shades from violet, grey and regal gold to the suave red, burgundy, and black. All the silhouettes beam of elegance and glamour, bearing in mind the classic traditional feel. The designs are woven in the most luxurious fabrics like lace, silk, and tulle. Completely handcrafted with no two similar designs, every creation tells a story. The collection promises a unique touch to your wardrobe and is incredibly on-trend for modern relevance.

The collection consists of exclusive abayas in different designs and colours. Each of them is the epitome of superior craftsmanship and is completely handmade with intricate detailing. Having dedicated over a year and a half to conceptualizing and designing this collection, each piece depicts Areen’s design excellence and creative streak. Inspired by Islamic art and culture, she is a dedicated designer who’s on a mission to keep traditional influences alive through her designs. Be it the embroidery techniques, motifs, or mix of fabrics; her designs are a flawless amalgamation of cultural origins and contemporary fashion needs. Her designs fit modern lifestyle needs ranging from the wide silhouettes that can be worn on the go or the intricate transparent ones to give your look a distinctive character. The collection is sure to leave a lasting impression even on those who’ll simply admire it.

Speaking about her latest collection, Areen Hassan said; “I’ve always been a designer at heart ever since my childhood. Colours, design, and art all around intrigued me and sparked my passion for Islamic art. By designing abayas for contemporary women, I want to put the spotlight on the true beauty and essence of this silhouette. I want the world to recognize abayas as a splendid depiction of our religion, culture, and spirituality.”