Behind the Art, an audio-visual honoring the artist

Areen’s ingenuity in techniques, designs, and conveying messages of humanity, love, and peace above all are so unique that it’s difficult to find another of its kind. She endeavors to win over and spread happiness through art. Her journey hasn’t been a red carpet walk but she walked those extra miles just for art indulgence that seeks spiritual comfort and bliss. It is the art that gave her true identity that transforms from mere civil documents to a more intense introduction as an artist who knows no boundaries. She blurs the differences with her fine unravelling to make art forms that embrace all without wanting to know the origins. She truly lives as an artist for the sake of humanity.  

Maybe that’s why she went on to become the youngest artist to be chosen by the Khawla Art and Culture. Always compelled by the storyline and the journey of each artist, Khawla Art and Culture initiated a new series named “Behind The Art”. The documentary aimed at capturing art through the inspiring and exciting stories behind each artist. Areen had the privilege to be in the same frame as many other elite artists to narrate a story and journey that’s so close to her heart.