Urban Jerusalem

The Iconic Dress

2019, silkscreen printing, unraveling, and embroidery on silk, 180x140cm

The Urban Jerusalem dress is a conceptual drape that went on to become an iconic piece. It was showcased in 7 different countries (Palestine, Poland, Germany, Bahrain, the UAE, Turkey and Lebanon) and 11 exhibitions.

The concept of the dress revolves around an iconic image that depicts the idea of the mother tongue. A thread is used to blur the boundaries between humans and objects in totality, bringing forth the vibrancy and harmony of Levant’s visual perception. The meeting of materials, colors, shapes, orientation, and pattern enables the viewer to observe the work as an embodied meaning and symbolizes spiritual life and communication without physical space. The printed pattern illustrates the idea of the embroidery traditions of the Levant region; the work plays with multimedia techniques, such as unraveling, hand embroidery, and silkscreen printing, to experiment with the idea of transparency and reversing the function of the textile.

Named after Areen’s homeland, “Urban Jerusalem” takes us on a stroll through her memories of her motherland, and the color palette draws from her tradition and culture.